A Robust Software Suite

A set of tools that enable your organization to improve it's operations. Leveraging decades of experience, we have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to streamline operations.

Plant Information

See Your Plant

  • Access detailed plant specifications and layouts to optimize your packaging operations.
  • Optimize equipment placement and utilization based on material requirements.
  • Consider climate requirements and shipping routes for efficient production.
  • Achieve seamless integration of machinery and material within your packaging plant ecosystem.

Optimizing Everything

From shipped product to recycling management, Continental Connect creates a centralized optimization resource for both corporate and plant level management.

Shipped Product Optimization

We understand the challenges associated with managing product shipments to plants. Lack of transparency in order history and inadequate inventory monitoring can lead to late orders, rushed shipments, and added costs. Our software provides a comprehensive solution to enhance transparency, streamline purchase order management, and improve inventory monitoring. With real-time visibility into order history and usage-based monitoring, you can predict demand, ensure on-time deliveries, and optimize costs. Say goodbye to reacting to orders and start predicting with our innovative software.

Recycling Management and Optimization

Efficient recycling management is crucial for sustainability and cost reduction. Our software empowers you to optimize your recycling processes by providing in-depth insights into the types of materials recycled, quality control, and waste volume. Visualize your recycled materials through photo galleries, track customer engagements, and enhance waste storage and pickup processes. With our solution, you can make data-driven decisions to improve sorting accuracy, increase the value of recycled materials, and strengthen your commitment to sustainability.

Supplier Lead Time Consolidation

Managing supplier lead times can be a complex task. Our software simplifies this process by offering a consolidated view of supplier lead times. Compare available products that meet your plant's specifications and analyze associated lead times. Our software cross-references your plant's requirements and equipment to suggest the best-suited suppliers. By optimizing lead times, you can ensure timely deliveries, maintain a robust supply chain, and make informed decisions that positively impact your plant's efficiency.

Unlimited Possibilities

Take a consolidated look at your plant operations
without breaking a sweat

Inventory Monitoring

Details on inventory monitoring and its effects on order fulfillment and cost

Improve Visibility

Solutions and services offered to improve transparency and predictability

Recycling Management

Indexes and metrics for waste management and quality

Unlocking Revenue

Insights into waste volume, storage, and pickup processes

Improved Decisions

Access to price, shipping, inventory levels, and production lead times

Cost Cutting

Cost-saving analysis based on volume, order regularity, and inventory

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